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Mex and compiler setting

How to set up mex compiler on a 64-bit Matlab using Visual Studio 2008 Professional

  1. I was using Visual Studio 2008 Profession that is free for college students. I believe 2008 Express works the same way, too.
  2. When you install Visual Studio 2008, I recommend to install 'Full' so that you are sure the 64-bit compilers and libraries are installed.
  3. Go to Download, uncompress and copy the x64 mex option files under the MATLABROOT\bin\win64\mexopts.
  4. Do a mex -setup. Let Matlab locate the installed compiler. Select "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008".
  5. Use mex command to compile a simple file. You get the following error
Error: Using options file: 
         You cannot use this file with the WIN64 architecture because it enables 
         a compiler for a different architecture. 
         Running mex -setup may resolve this problem. 

To fix this error:

  1. Locate your mexopts.bat file. Edit the following lines:
    1. Line 17 (set PATH): add '\amd64' after set PATH=%VCINSTALLDIR%\BIN\
    2. Line 19 (set LIB): add '\amd64' after set LIB=%VCINSTALLDIR%\ATLMFC\LIB and %VCINSTALLDIR%\LIB. Add '\x64' after C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\lib
    3. Line 20: set MW_TARGET_ARCH=win64
    4. Line 34: set LIBLOC=%MATLAB%\extern\lib\win64\microsoft
    5. Line 36: /MACHINE:X64

NOTE: Environment - Windows Vista 64-bit, Matlab 2007b 64-bit. My mexopts.bat file:

How to set up the C compiler from Visual Studio 2008 on a 64-bit Windows system

  1. Go to control->system->environmental variables. Edit 'path' and add the following dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin\amd64
  2. Go to control->system->environmental variables. Edit 'LIB' and add the following dir: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\lib\amd64

Or go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin\amd64 and run vcvarsamd64.bat

How to compile cvOdesGenMod5.c


1. Enter COMKATROOT\CVODESserial-2.3.0-2005\sundials\cvodes\source. Run:

cl /c /I..\include /I..\..\shared\include *.c
lib /out:cvodes.lib *.obj

Copy cvodes.lib to the COMKATROOT\lib\win64 folder (change win64 according to your system) 2. Enter COMKATROOT\CVODESserial-2.3.0-2005\sundials\shared\source. Run:

cl /c /I..\include  *.c
lib /out:sundials.lib *.obj

Copy sundials.lib to the COMKATROOT\lib\win64 folder (change win64 according to your system) 3. Enter COMKATROOT\CVODESserial-2.3.0-2005\sundials\nvec_ser. Run

cl /c /I..\shared\include  *.c
lib /out:nvec_ser.lib *.obj

Copy nvec_ser.lib to the COMKATROOT\lib\win64 folder (change win64 according to your system)


NOTE: Under 64-bit Ubuntu and 64-bit Matlab, you have to do the following changes to make the mex compilation work.

  1. Edit the and remove all -lstdc++
  2. Edit the cvodesGenmod5.c. Find function 'clear' and remove the 'static' declaration.
  3. When you use gcc to compile, add a flag '-fPIC'.

How to prepare a COMKAT release

CCIR-specific settings for MATLAB distributed computing server

As the server is installed on the 123 subnets, clients on the 125 subnets will not be able to connect to the job manager unless the following modification is made:

1. On the client side, edit the file 'hosts' and add a line


such as:

123.456.78.9 HEADNODE

Contact Dean or Dr. Muzic to get the right information.

The 'hosts' file can be found at '/etc/' in Macs and '/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/' in Windows-based PCs.

2. On the server side, edit the 'hosts' file. Do the same thing to add the ip and computer name of the client to this file.

3. Now the findResource command should work without any problem.

MATLAB Compiler

= Weird behavior of path settings for compiled MATLAB applications

__ For example, compiled main_GUI.m under c:\comkat\comkat_GUI\ and set the output directory to be c:\compiled_dir\. Before being compiled, the output to which('main_GUI') returns:


After being compiled, the same command returns:


You have to be careful because if you are calling another function, for example, loadModelTemplate.m from main_GUI. If the directory is not switched, there should not be a problem. But if you switch to the directory of main_GUI.m, different behavior happens.
The commands executed are:

x = loadModelTemplate

Under MATLAB, x will be returned properly; However, under compiled MATLAB application, it returns:

 Undefined function or variable 'loadModelTemplate'

The reason is that, under compiled MATLAB applications, fileparts(which('main_GUI')) returns the directory of c:\compiled_dir\main_GUI_mcr\main_GUI\ that contains all the encrypted m-files. Once you switch to this folder, although you will find a file called loadModelTemplate, or function won't be able to be called. The command exist('loadModelTemplate') returns


You would have to exit this folder in order to call this function.
Therefore, if you do use which and cd to find files and enter a certain directory, it is recommended that you do it this way:

if ~isdeployed

So that you don't run into errors...

uitable errors when deployed

For MATLAB 2008a and earlier, uitable errors when it is compiled with Matlab Compiler.