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COMKAT website is now based on wiki, therefore allowing users to edit and extend the web content. Not all pages are editable for everyone. For example, we keep the software download page only editable by sysop. But most pages on this web site are open for everyone to edit (log in required). If you have never used wiki, follow the instructions below to learn about basics of wiki.

Register and log in

Every time you want to edit a page, you must log in. If you do not have an account yet, please register first.

To create a new account, click 'Log in / create account' link in the bottom panel.

Register screen.JPG

Set up user preference

Click in the bottom panel 'My preferences'. You may choose different skins of the wiki or setup your language according to your needs. If you think the contrast of the appearance is too faint, you may choose a skin that reads better to you.

Browse through pages

You can click on the tabs or page links to go a page. Or if you know the page name, for example 'Support:Official Documentation', you may type that in the edit box on the right upper corner and hit 'go to'.

Watch a page

You might want to keep track of some pages and get notified when they get changed. You may do that with the 'Watch' function. Follow the step:

  1. Go to the page you want to watch
  2. Click 'Watch' in the bottom
  3. Go to 'My preferences', select 'E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed' in the E-mail panel.

Create new pages

Only sysop is allowed to create a new page. Please contact us if you need to create a page.

Editing an existing page

To edit a page, first go to that page. If you are logged in, you will see an 'Edit' link in the bottom. Click that and you will see a text editing box. The text within that box is the current page content. A detailed tutorial can be found here: [1]. Here are some instructions of formatting:

Adding headline

Put headline text as the format: == Headline text ==
== is the level two headline. === is the level three headline.

Next line command

Add <br> in front of the text to move it to the next line.


Instructions: [2]

Add an internal link

To link to other pages within this wiki, use two bracket to add link. For example, [[Support:Official Documentation]] becomes Support:Official Documentation on a wiki page.

Add an external link

Use single bracket for external link. For example, [] will be [3].

Upload and display image

Click the 'Upload file' link in the bottom page to upload an image. After a successful upload you will be taken to a page named Image:imagefilename. Copy that name and put that within double brackets. For example, [[Image:Comkat gui screen.JPG]] shows the below image.

Comkat gui screen.JPG

Bold, italic and underline

Highlight text and click on the corresponding buttons above the text editing box.

Bullet list

Use * to make bullet lists. Create levels by *, ** or ***, etc.

Numbered list

Use # to create numbered list.

Table of contents

The table of contents will be generated and displayed automatically when there are more than three headlines.