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COMKAT Image Tool topics

Volume of interest (VOI) operations of COMKAT

COMKAT Image Tools support the volume of interest operations. It is simple to draw a VOI and find it's statistics. We also provide functions for user to extend the capabilities.

Definition of a volume of interest

A volume of interest is defined as 'a collection of regions of interest (ROI or ROIs)'. It contains at least one ROI.
A region of interest (ROI) is defined as 'a list of vertices's that creates an image mask to find the pixels within this mask'.
ROIs in a VOI do not necessarily have to be on the same plane or be of the same size.


VOI with multiple ROIs is usually used to find statistics or time-activity curve over a volume. If you want to look at individual regions, create several VOIs with one ROI per VOI.


A VOI is defined and stored as a 'VOI' object. You may go to '@VOI' folder under COMKAT root to find its constructor and properties.

Properties of a VOI

Here are some important properties of a VOI:

  1. Name - VOI name.
  2. NumberOfROIs - how many ROIs are in this VOI
  3. TAC - the time activity curve of this VOI. If there are two image volume data, it will be a 2 element cell array.

Drawing VOI and ROI

What will be calculated from a VOI

Time activity curve


User-defined statistics

Advanced VOI operation

Save to files

Future features