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Figure tool

To open the COMKAT GUI figure tool, right click on either the input or output function plot and select "Toggle the Property Tool".

A GUI will pop up as below:
Docu comkat GUI 16.JPG

List of functions and what they mean:

Slider Minimum Minimum value on the X-axis or Y-axis
Slider Range Range to display on the X-axis or Y-axis
Edit Label Label to display on the X-axis or Y-axis
Edit Min Minimum value on the X-axis or Y-axis
Edit Max Maximum value on the X-axis or Y-axis
Checkbox Grid Display grid or not
Checkbox Tick Display ticks or not
Button Enlarge Enlarge an area on the plot
Button Shift Shift the current area of viewing

Sensitivity analysis

To open the COMKAT GUI Sensitivity Analysis Tool, click Tools->Sensitivity Analysis.
A GUI will pop up as below: Docu comkat GUI 17.JPG
The sensitivity functions are calculated with the input function and a set of parameters. In this GUI, you may adjust parameters to see how the outputs and sensitivity functions would be affected. To view a combination of functions, press "ctrl" and right click on the items on the same time. After selecting all the desired files, press "Apply".

Analysis of runs

The analysis of runs can be used to examine the "randomness" of fitting residues. After you fit the data, click "Tools"=>"Analysis of runs" if you want to perform this analysis. The tool window looks like this:
Docu comkat GUI 18.JPG
And some analysis results are printed in the command window:

mu =


runs =


sigma =


z =


pvalue =


You may also use the function "runsTest.m" under comkatroot\utilities.


The tools for model simulation

To perform the model simulation, click "Tools"=>"Simulation tool".

The simulation can be done in two ways:

  1. Generate the model output with specific noise level or noise function
  2. Generate noisy model output and fit it to get parameter estimates.

GUI look: Docu comkat GUI 19.JPG

Graphical methods

From the main COMKAT GUI, you may use the graphical methods GUI to analyze your data.

The graphical analysis may be called from the COMKAT GUI or with command line functions.

  • From the GUI

You must first have both the input function and experimental data defined. Click 'Tools -> Graphical methods'. On the GUI then click 'Apply and run analysis'. Results should look like this:

  • Command line functions

You may find these functions under COMKATROOT/graphicalMethods.